U.S. - Thai Consortium for the Development of

Pharmacy Education in Thailand

By and Between a Consortium of U.S. Schools and Colleges of

Pharmacy and the Pharmacy Education Consortium of Thailand

In continuance of the goals and objectives of the 1993-2006 MOA between the parties and to create and encourage proactive outcomes by and between them, the Pharmacy Education Consortium of Thailand (PECT), on behalf of the Thai Faculties of Pharmacy / Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the U.S. Consortium of Schools and Colleges of Pharmacy (U.S. Consortium), extend and renew their cooperation and collaboration on various activities and programs as mutually agreed upon in this document

During the January 6-9, 2007, Bangkok meeting of the U.S. - Thai Consortium for the Development of Pharmacy Education in Thailand, the following collaborations between the two Parties were proposed, discussed, and accepted as terms mutually agreed upon to maintain the continuity of and to build further collaborations:

1. General terms and conditions

1.1 The general terms of this Agreement will be "To share the strongest assets of both parties for the greatest benefits to the participating universities and countries."
1.2 Scope and responsibilities. This agreement covers educational opportunities: faculty, student and scholar exchanges: and research: and is based on equal responsibility on the part of both U.S. and Thai Parties for its success.
1.3 Equal opportunity. All exchanges under this Agreement will comply with the national and institutional policies of equity, religion, beliefs, politics, employment, education, faith and ethics.

2. Exchanges

2.1 Post-doctoral students/scholars, fellows and visiting scholars, Scholars will have the opportunity to visit each other's countries for research and/or educational experiences, as well as short- and long-term training, for up to one year. The extent, nature and duration of the visit will be mutually agreed upon.
2.2 Graduate students, Both Parties agree to accept graduate students and stall to pursue further study / research for the M.S. and/or Ph.D. degree and/or other training programs. Acceptance will be in accordance with normal admission procedures of both Parties. This includes opportunities for non-degree experiences.
2.3 Undergraduate and professional students, Exchanges of pharmacy students from participating universitites to explore and gain professional and / or research experiences are encoursged.
2.4 Residents and equivalent. Both Parties agree to strengthen programs organized in both countries for mutual experiential pharmacy practices. It is suggested that a task force be established, separately from this Agreement, to identigy opportunities to help fullfill this provision.
2.5 Practitioners and preceptors. Both Parties agree to explore and investigate mechanisms to develop practitioners and preceptors.

3. Resources

3.1 Tuition / fees / costs. Opportunities will be sought to reduce out-of-pocket cousts to the participants for exchange and/or training programs.
3.2 Sources of research funding and allocation. Opportunities for research funding will be pursued from public and private sources as may be mutually agreed upon

4. Additional Collaborations

4.1 Sharing of experiences. Experience sharing is beneficial to strengthen higher education, academic services, and research. Therefore, both Parties agree to exchange program management and other experiences related to pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy practive and any other topics of mutual Interest.
4.2 Further possible joint investment / management / cooperation. Additional relevant issues of mutual benefit may be discussed and settled in the future.

5. Assessment

5.1 Review of programs. There will be a review process of outputs / outcomes. It is proposed that this be performed by both Parties biannually. The results of the review should be reported at the biannual meeting.

6 Extension and termination

6.1 Extending or terminating the Memorandum of Agreement between U.S. and Thai institutions.
  6.1.1 Duration of this Memorandum of Agreement. These joint collaborations between PECT and the U.S. Consortium will be in effect from the date of signing until A.D. 2022.
  6.1.2 Termination of the Agreement. Terminations of this Agreement. or any particular joint collaboration between PECT and U.S. consortium members must be done hereunder by written notification of the other Party at least six months in advances.
  6.1.3 Extension of the U.S. - Thai Consortium Memorandum of Agreement. It is proposed that this Memorandum of Agreement be renewed by the participants after assessment and evaluation, for additional 15 year period, to 2037, and such renewal shall be effective upon th execution of the parties to a new Agreement of extension/renewal of this Agreement.

SIGNED ON July 16, 2008.

By Between and On the Behalf of the Corresponding Colleges / Faculties / Schools / Universities :